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Reiki serpent of light orange



Hello.  My name is Kimie Goto.


I am a conscious channel, spiritual counselor and healer.


I was born and raised in Japan.


I worked in Africa for two years after the graduation from a university in Japan.


I live in the United States since 1986.


I now live in Placitas, New Mexico.



Placitas is a place of orbs and wild horses.







Wild horses and orbs Placitas NM July 2013


Wild horses are very close to the orbs.


Orbs appear to be the cross-dimensional beings.


When they cross this dimension, they appear to show up in the pictures.


Orbs are the life forms.


Orbs are alive.


Orbs communicate.


Orbs are in communion with us.



They appear to have their own roles in this dimension.


Placitas is one of the places on the planet earth that is very close to the orbs.


I, as a conscious channel, would like to closely work with orbs.


Orbs work across different dimensions.


Human consciousness, I believe, work across different dimensions.


As human consciousness become cross-dimensional, we increase our ability to work with different beings such as wild horses and orbs.


New Mexico is in drought.  There are no grasses on the ground.  Wild Horses are starving.


We are asking for donations to buy the grass hay for the horses.


If you can donate, will you please let me know?  Thank you very much for your generosity.



We live in the time of Time Fractal.


A part is whole.


Whole is part.


We are part of the whole.


We exist and work for the whole.


The whole will also serve us.


The whole will protect us and help us.


Namaste Peace Love



Education & Training


MBA Stanford Graduate School of Business


BS-Mathematics Nagoya University Japan


Certified Astrology Practitioner


Ordained Minister


Reiki Master Teacher


Conscious Channel Training since 1998



Kimie Goto


Spiritual Counselor and Healer


Conscious Channel


Placitas New Mexico


email  harmonion@gmail.com


WEB  www.harmonion.com


in service since 1999


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