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Spiritual Guidance




Soul and Akashic Record Reading


by Skype Phone or in Person



Kimie Goto


Channel Teacher Spiritual Counselor and Healer


Placitas  New Mexico Japan



Email  harmonion@gmail.com





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Isis Orb




Open Up Surrender Channel



My name is Kimie Goto.


I am a channel. 


I channel information and energies for soul's learning and growth.


The channeled information and energies may include the following.  You will receive the information and energies necessary RIGHT NOW for your soul's learning and growth.


Your Soul Name


The meanings of your soul name. 


The image of your true self.


Soul sounds and symbols


Soul energies and vibrations


Soul origin history and lineage


Memories - past, present, future and at other dimensions.


Stories coming deep from your soul - your heart.


As stories (memories) arise from deep within your heart (soul), the issues (karma) may dissolve.    You may realize truth.  Truth has the liberating effect. You may feel light.  You may be set free.


Spontaneous Healing (Quantum Healing) may occur.


Spirits, Guides and Teachers guiding and protecting you.


The names, images and profiles of the spirits, guides and teachers around you.  Their messages to you.  Their love and healing vibrations toward you.


The ancestor and descendant souls around you.  Their names, images and profiles.  Their messages to you.



Soul purposes (Dharma)


The promises you made to fulfill this life time.



Gifts, Talents and Work



Soul Lessons (Karma)


The lessons your soul is walking through in this life time.



Soul Group your soul belongs to.


Soul Group's name, mission and common lessons.  Supervisor Soul.



Future Direction - Spiritual Guidance and Advice


Where you are at now.  Your Base - Foundation Energy.  Where you are heading.  What is truly happening.



Spiritual guidance - advice for your soul to walk through the lessons of life (karma) and fulfilling the dharma (soul's purpose - promises made to the Universe).


Sacred Power rises from deep within you.  You will be one with the Universe Light and Earth. 


The Power of the Universe Light and Earth is inside you. 


You will be again One with the Sacred Power within you.  You shall use the POWER to walk through karma (lessons) and fulfill dharma (truth purpose promise).



Orb Photos


Placitas is an orb place.   Orbs are the cross-dimensional energetic beings.  If the orbs show up in the photos for you, I will include the photos in the word document.


If you can be in Placitas at dawn or sunset, we can take orb photos together.  Please let us know if you are interested in a orb photo session in Placitas or Chimayo New Mexico.


Chimayo is another orb place.


We are all here to serve the betterment of the Universe.  You will know what your soul's role is and how to serve the Universe.


You will have the quantum creativity.  You will have the ability to go through the fundamental creation and situational creation necessary to learn the lessons of life (karma) and fulfill the dharma (purpose promise).


Your life will be the continuum of the quantum leaps (quantum jumps - quantum creativity).


You will transform yourself into a quantum being with the quantum creativity, with the ability of the continuous quantum leaps - jumps.


The life continues to change.


Your SELF shall continues to change - transform.


There will be one transformation after another.


We are the quantum beings.


Our life is the quantum life.


Quantum life is a life with continuous quantum leaps - quantum jumps. 


Quantum life is a life full of possibilities. 


Our ego cannot predict the full potential our soul contains. 


 Be open.  Accept our ego cannot perceive our full potential - our full possibilities.


Have no fear.  Let go.   Surrender.  Let go of your ego's desires.  Surrender to your soul's desires - passions.


Listen to the heart.  Listen to your soul.   Listen and take actions for your soul - your heart.


Let your SELF be guided and protected by the Universe Light and Earth.  You will become your SELF beyond what your ego can ever imagine.


We are a genuine infinite being (like orbs).  Orbs are cross-dimensional energetic beings.  Like orbs, we are cross-dimensional energetic beings. 


We are free to go through different dimensions at different vibrations - wave length as orbs do.  The difference - Orbs are pure light - pure energetic.  Humans are energetic and physical.



I can also use Western, Vedic and Mayan Astrology and Tarot to look into more detail information and timing.


Please let me know if you have specific questions you want to ask the Universe.


Depending on your needs, I will mix and match the tools I use for a reading - channel, tarot, western, vedic and mayan astrology.


Using astrology (western, vedic and mayan), I can look into the details such as work, health, moving, relationships, talents, spiritual power, psychic power, money, timing of career change and moving, timing of life changes, soul purpose, issues...



Before a reading, I will channel and type the notes in the word document.  I will email you the word document.  Please read if you can before the session starts.





$250 for 90 minutes soul and akashic record reading including approximately 15 pages of word document.


$200 for 60 minutes soul and akashic record reading including approximately 10 pages of word document.


If you do not need the channeled information typed on the word document, I can do a reading by using horoscope and tarot.


Horoscope and tarot reading is $125 for one hour and $188 for 90 minutes.



Financial Assistance


If you need a financial assistance, the Help Fee is $200 for 90 minutes soul - akashic record reading, and $150 for 60 minutes soul and akashic record reading.





Please pay by Paypal (5% transaction fee will be added), personal check or money order.  If you pay by Paypal,  I will email you a payment request mail.


If you mail a personal check or money order, the mailing address is


Kimie Goto

2 Vista Linda Court

Placitas NM 87043






A session usually starts at 9 am New Mexico Time.


A session can be done by skype, phone or in person.



To schedule an appointment


Please email me to harmonion@gmail.com



Thank you.



Namaste Peace Love




Light Transcends Darkness.


Light dissolves Karma.


Sai Baba



Kimie Goto


Channel Teacher Spiritual Counselor & Healer


Placitas  New Mexico Japan



WEB www.harmonion.com


Email  harmonion@gmail.com




I am personally walking through the karmic lessons.  I have family in Japan.  Loved ones are suffering from disability and mental unbalance.  6000 miles away, life can be tough as I feel helpless to my family situation in Japan.


Yet I find the meaning for the karmic lesson I am walking through in this life time.  There are many who have difficult family situations.


As I walk through the karma and learn my own lessons, I believe I will be able to assist other people who also have difficult family situations.




Namaste Om






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