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The Initiation into the Quantum Information and Energy Worker at the Unified Field in the Multi-Verses

Message from a Wise Counselor and Teacher (within you)

December 14, 2005



     A male spiritual counselor-teacher appeared in my dream states this morning.  He is a wise and peaceful being in black hair, eyes and clothing.  Black is the color of formality.  He is a "formal" being.  Here is the transmission (how I felt and received his energies and information through my channel).


     He loves us.  He wants us to be more happy.  


     How do we do it?  ---  By being more conscious, by being more open, by seeing more possibilities and options and by making better (more conscious) choices, by having Intent.  


   The Tool of Happiness is Consciousness.  Raising consciousness and becoming more fully conscious is everything.  Through the tool of consciousness, the sense of interconnectedness comes.  Everything is connected.  You are not alone.  You may be alone on Earth.  But there are always spiritual beings (those seers, teachers, healers and warriors within you) collaborating with you from the other side (from the energetic dimensions).  Become more fully conscious of those spirit guides and teachers on the energetic realms (quantum realms, unified field).  Establish the constant communions with them.  Establish the working relationships with them.  Establish the creative partnerships with them.  Be a co-creator, co-producer, co-director with Divine (God).  Know your place and role to play on Earth.  Know your mission and do it.  Develop the creative and peaceful partnerships with all lives on Earth and in the Universe.  Leave the karma (habits and patterns) of soul-less destructions (meaningless destructions to self, others and environments).


     Meditate and tune into the Unified ~ Quantum Field, the world of quantum physics, where all the possibilities are presented in front of you.  Do as best as you can to put you in the position of a neutral observer.  Be a neutral observer.  Stay neutral.  Do not interfere.  Simply allow all the choices, possibilities to be shown to you.  See and meditate with peace of mind with what is shown and revealed to you by the Universe (or by the Spirit Eye of the Universe).  Be patient and allow the natural process until one day the best choice will be brought to your consciousness .  This is how you learn detachment and discernment, as Buddha taught.


     At the Unified ~ Quantum Field, Matter is Spirit, Spirit is Matter, Wave is Particle, Particle is Wave, Matter is Energy, Energy is Matter, Time ceases to exist, Everything exists Now, Past, Present and Future exist RIGHT NOW.... as written in Hannya Shingyo (Wisdom Mantra of Buddhism).  


    Unified Field, the quantum field, is not the linear world such as the third dimension (Material Earth).  Everything is going on Right Now.  All the information, energies, guidance, advice, healing, energies... everything is presented in the quantum (unified) field.  Past lives, present life, future lives, all the scenarios, all the possibilities, are happening right now.  Your brain (and the nervous system) enter the state of Quantum Information Processing (or Matrix Information Processing).  You are in Eternal Now (Eternal Present Moment).  There is no time, no space.  You are in Eternity, gazing or observing everything.  For this moment, you are in One with God (in the perfect union state with Divine).


     As you progress into the path of Quantum Information Processing, your physical location will no longer become constraint.  The physical location will not limit the scope of your work.  You can work with the clients in the distant place, with all the life forms (such as humans, nations, cultures, value systems, organizations, businesses, animals, fish, trees, birds, sky, vegetables, minerals, water...), with souls in other dimensions, spiritual beings in the Universe (may be your co-workers on the quantum - unified field, on the other sides).  You will develop the friendship, relationships and partnerships with all the life (thought) forms on Earth and other realms of existence.  Again the tool is consciousness.  All humans have potentials or abilities of clairvoyance (remote vision), clairaudio (telepathy), empathy (feeling), and intuition (direct knowledge of Divine, God) + don't forget Healing Touch.  All humans have the ability to heal yourself (via setting the Right Intent, Shonen).  Develop your psychic and spiritual senses.  See the truth, speak the truth and act on the truth (Fulfill Dharma).


     Psychic senses (6th sense) are not themselves sufficient.  You may know unbalanced psychic or counselors or healers.  Their personal lives are mess and out of control.  Some healers are unhealthy.  Spiritual senses (7th sense) are necessary.  With spiritual senses, it comes the maturity of soul.  The wisdom comes.  The person carries the Light (Aura) around him/her.  The person carries the Light of inner strength, courage and peace (well balanced).  The person has the perspective of Spirit.  The ability to see truth, speak truth and act truthfully comes.  It takes the maturity of soul to act ethically and morally.  All the harmfulness at unconscious (those unconscious anger, jealousy, attack, grief...) shall leave you forever, and you shall live with the principle of ahimsa ("Do no harm" way of living at all levels, to yourself and to others, at conscious and unconscious levels).  You shall leave the Karma Wheel.  One living example of Ahimsa "Do No Harm" Dharma is Mahatma Gandhi.


     Be initiated into the world of the quantum information & energy workers when time comes;  That is when you are ready, when your ego personality re-unites with soul, when your ego desires surrender to soul's aspirations, when you consecrate your human will to Divine Will...   The reward is beyond your ego's conception:  You are free to work with any life forms at any place in the world and other realms of existence in the Universe.  You will enjoy the collaborations with all sorts of life forms on Earth and in the Universe, such as angelic beings, spirit guides, teachers and healers, Christ Consciousness, Mary Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Quan Yin, etc.  You will realize the material humans are the tiny part of the existence in the whole universe.  Be initiated to the Spiritual Humans (when you are well prepared for the spiritual path ~ spiritual life with the solid material base such as healthy body, psychology and mind).


     Meditate daily and connect with the Universe....  Tune into the Unified Field ~ Quantum Field.  Be one with Life...  Be one with Us.  Develop the power of quantum information processing or Matrix Intelligence.  For some of you, raising your consciousness to a fuller level and developing Matrix Intelligence is your life mission assigned by Divine (God).  So be it, then.  Exercise your consciousness everyday 24 x 7 through some healthy practices and methods of meditation.  The forms of meditation include meditation, mantras, yoga, creative visualization, self-hypnosis, NLP, Reiki, Qi-Gong, Taichi, prayer, walking, being in nature, playing and listening to music, dancing and singing, drumming, painting, writing, crafting, dreaming....  Any practice which let you go into the State of Flow (Altered States of Consciousness into alpha and theta brain waves) will work...


     No work is small.  Each soul has the unique signature with the unique vibrations.  God will recognize your presence and work personally by your soul signature.  The Entire Universes will appreciate your existence and work at the Unified ~ Quantum Field.  Your work will reach throughout time and space in the third dimensional world and all other dimensions (Ripple effect ~ A wave made from New Mexico will reach to any place in the world, for instance). 


     You are already acknowledged by us, the energetic beings in the Universe, and by Divine (God, the One).  You are known to us.  So, don't mind if no one notices you and your work in the third dimension.  Your work is important to us and the Universe.  You and your work are very valuable to us and the Universe.


     This is your Wise Counselor and Teacher (within you).

     "May Love and Peace Be With You".


     Resources for more information, inspiration and meditation:  

     "What the Bleep Do We Know", a movie available in DVD.

     Books, music and meditation DVD by Wingmakers.  


 Channeled and scribed by:

 Kimie Goto

 Spiritual Counselor & Healer

 Reiki Master-Teacher

 Channel and Scribe

 from Placitas, New Mexico, USA







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