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Notes from 10-22-06 to 06-21-07



(6/21/2007) Secret of Healing

= appears to be the Tuning into Inner Wisdom

= Calm Observation especially when I am in pain and fear.

Just be present with my pain and fear when I am pain and fear (owning them and accepting them as mine).


  My healing journey of removing the cause of muscle pain continues.

  Muscle pain persists.

  The cause of the bodily pain appears to be FEAR in my case.

  My karma (patterns, mental and emotional habits, history) of anxiety (excessive worry, excessive control needs, pessimism, perfectionism...).


  I have just watched a DVD by Neal Donald Walsh titled "Wholistic Living".

  He teaches the Secrete of Healing.


  "Own the pain."

  "Do not ignore, do not deny, do not reject the pain."

  "Own it."

  "Accept the pain".


  I am learning and practicing not to fear the pain.

  I am learning and practicing not to fear to feel my bodily pain, the precious feedback from my body.

  My body is sending me the message, "I am hurting.  My heart is hurting.  PLEASE do something to ease anxiety (excessive worry, excessive control.  You cannot control everything in your life like Mother Nature.  Let go of your ego's needs to control everything.  You cannot control the whether of New Mexico.  Let go.  Surrender.  Be prepared as much as you can but you cannot control the whether.  Let go of your excessive worry about your house, money, work...."  


  This is my chance of changing the life-long karma (mental and emotional habits).

  To pacify the excessive VATA (too much stimulations in my mind and emotions, anxiety, worry, over-busy mind).


  Fear, fear, fear.

  That is the cause of my muscle tension and pain.

  I have been always tense, living in fear, living in excessive worry and stress.

  My body then gets tense and hence back and other muscle hurts.


  After all, I have been afraid to live.

  I have not been living fully.

  I have not been enjoying life fully.


  I choose to heal myself.

  I choose to let go of fear (my control needs, tension, anxiety and worry).

  I BELIEVE I am freeing myself from the physical pain, as I am on my journey to TRUST EVERYTHING IS ALL RIGHT.


  Everything was always all right in the past.

  I have always been provided and well taken-care of by Divine Sources.

  So why not TRUST everything is all right now and will be all right.


  I am learning to TRUST.  It's a process.  

  Trust myself and Divine Protection and Guidance.

  Neal said in the DVD "GOD IS PROCESS."


  God is process.

  Trust is process.

  Healing is process.


  I am learning to trust my healing journey is in process.

  The pain is being eased, will continue being eased.

  When the time comes, I will finish the lessons of this muscle pain, then pain stops and will move on to the next lesson.


  Life is quite a journey (process).

  I want to thank my back pain as it is giving me this precious opportunity to learn and grow, this precious opportunity to know more about my self, about the integration - oneness of my body, mind and spirit.  



(6/15/2007)  - "Nothingness"

If you are in a limbo situation, in a situation nothing happens, enjoy the moment of "nothingness". Enjoy the state of "nothingness" - Being nothing, being nobody, doing nothing, be nothing.  Enjoy the state of the complete emptiness - complete stillness, the complete still mind and actions.  


Everything is being completed.  One phase of your growth is being completed.  Before a new phase of learning and growth begins, this is the moment of "nothingness" - the moment of stillness (silence, emptiness).  Like a pendulum, between the swing (cycle), the pendulum stops.  Time stops.  Outer motion stops.  Outer world recedes into silence.  You retreat into the still Inner World.  Or you may be forced into the still Inner World, if your ego resists or if you ego is afraid of being silent.  


Your ego may resist the Silence, if ego wants to be busy to escape from facing fear, or if ego is afraid of getting bored, or if ego is afraid of not having enough money.... 


If your cycle is in the completion, everything goes still (before a new beginning kicks in).  TRUST.  Trust Divine Cycle.  Free yourself from anxiety (fear of uncertain future).  TRUST that this moment of nothingness (complete stillness, emptiness, silence, death - dead silence) is a Divine Gift.  This is the moment of Zero (0) - the Fool.  There is no beginning.  There is no ending.  Zero is the state of nothingness (emptiness) as Buddha taught (for example, as written in mantra, Hannya Shingyo).


This is the test cycle, the Test of Leap of Faith (0 - Fool).   Simply trust there is a Divine Net - Divine Support whether things happen in the Outer World or not.  There is always Divine Net - Divine Support, guiding you, helping you and protecting you. 


Meditate and tune into the Inner World.  Go into consciousness.  You will know your Inner World is rich, very rich.  Your Inner Self (Soul, Higher Self) is rich, very rich.    



Transcending the Knowledge in Boxes.

I had a vision.

Knowledge in the boxes are returned.

They served the purpose and are no longer necessary.

So, the knowledge in the boxes are returned.


This is the time to transcend the knowledge in the boxes.

Or this is the time to change the way to learn for those of us who tend to learn through intellects (mind, head).

This is the time to listen and tune into the feedback from heart and body.

This is the time to listen and be aware of the feelings, bodily pleasures and pains.


Bodily pains are especially great feedback from the body, speaking out your heart is hurting and/or neglected.

For instance, if you have back pain, the pain may be the feedback from your heart being lonely, neglected, frustrated, angry, anxious, nervous, worrying too much (of the things which are not happening and may never happen!), depressed and/or loosing hope.  If your back hurts, first take care of your heart; meditate, walk, stretch, do GENTLE yoga and chi gong, relax and recreate, cry and laugh...  If your back still hurt, then you may choose to go to the physical therapy and massage.  But first, listen to your heart and ask for the reasons for the bodily pain. May be, your lonely heart needs to be listened by you.  Then, immediately, your back pain may begin dissipate.  Tensions in the heart cause the tensions in body, thus causes the pain (and diseases) in the body (TMS - Tension Muscle Syndrome).  Relieve the tensions in your heart first.  This may be the cure (soul medicine) of the diseases, discomfort and pains, free from drugs, invasive medicine and therapy.


Listen to the body and heart.

Eat well, exercise well, sleep well, meditate well (enjoy the silent moments with yourself and the Universe), pamper and take care of yourself well.  

Relax and recreate.   Rejuvenate and recharge!

Cry and laugh.  Enjoy the moment.  

Thank God/the Universe that you are alive in this precious moment.

Each one of us is a very precious and unique presence in the Universe.

Each one of us has a precious and unique task and place in the Universe (dharma) which you have agreed with Divine to do in this life time when you came on to the Earth this time.  


Keep the promise with God/Divine - This the purpose of your being here on the Earth.


This is WELL LIVING.  

This is WELL BEING.  


Namaste, all. 

Tao - Eternal Flow of Chi (Cosmic Life Force).  


(3/12/2007 - Saturn's Broken Ring)

This is an image of Saturn's broken ring provided by Cassini, NASA.  

3/18 is a New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Pisces.  3/21 is Spring Equinox.  This is a time of change and making a new beginning.  Break the ring and go beyond.  Break the ego's edge - Break the limited ego.  Break the limited belief system.  Change the old habits.   Go beyond - Go beyond the current belief system.  Change the old habits, begin the new habits.  Begin a new life!


(1/29/2007)  Jananda passed on to the energetic dimensions on 12/28/2006 from Sedona.  Dear Jananda, a teacher and master, thank you for being here with us on the physical planes for a while.  Now we will enjoy and appreciate your presence and companionship from the other sides.  We know you are now with the eternal brother and sister hood on the spiritual planes, along with Sananda, Mary, Michael, Quan Yin, etc.  We rejoice your return to your True Home.  


(12/5/2006)  Jupiter entered Sagittarius, to its own ruling sign.  We are on board the energetic airplane.  We are moving very fast.  The time is moving very fast.  We are moving forward.  We have this sense of making progress.  Throughout 2007 while Jupiter moves through Sagittarius, enjoy the momentum.  Dream big, envision big.  Dream and visualize what you want to become.  Make the contact with the Future Self.  Make the constant communion with the future self.  You will be becoming the Future Self, the Self you want to become (Dharma Self, Atman Self).


(10/22/2006)  I am returning to work  now.  Since the late July, I have been going through the spiritual, physical and emotional crisis (unexplainable pains, initiation, shamanic illness, kundalini crisis).  This has been one of the most difficult times in this life time.  


Now, I am walking through it and getting closer and closer to the end of the dark tunnel.  I began seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I have done two readings yesterday for two women from San Diego.  Just at the right timing when I am getting ready myself for continuing the spiritual quest and continuing my work for Holy Spirit (Great Spirit), the Multi-verses brought two women to my house.  


Holy Spirit always takes care of us.  Holy Spirit always brings to us what we need most now in the present moment of our lives.  I thank the Universe for its compassion.  I am being healed and I am being consoled.  I am re-assuring myself that I WILL continue my service for the betterment of the Universe.  


This initiation was a difficult test..  a crisis....  Crisis contains both danger and chance (opportunity).  Now I am walking through and forward with this test, I am getting stronger.  As I am getting stronger than before, the Universe will reveal the next phase of myself, a new opportunity.  I will gladly accept a new mission...


 Channeled by:

 Kimie Goto

 Spiritual Counselor & Healer

 Reiki Master


 Western and Vedic Astrologer

 Placitas, New Mexico, USA

 Email:  kimiegoto@msn.com

 Website:  http://www.harmonion.com/


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