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Healing Energies of New Mexico

Kimie Goto

Spiritual Counselor, Mentor, Healer and Teacher

January 23, 2005

from Placitas, New Mexico, USA

Email:  kimiegoto@msn.com

Website:  http://www.harmonion.com/

This is an introduction to the healing and transformational energies of New Mexico, United States of America.

Strong Healing Tradition in New Mexico

There is a strong healing tradition in New Mexico.  Healing is a part of history and culture of New Mexico.  Healing energies has been in New Mexico for hundreds and thousands of years before the New Age movement began in 1970s.  There has been Curandera (meaning ehealerf in Spanish) among Hispanic communities.  There is Native American spirituality and healing.  There is Catholic healing.  There is a very rich art and new age communities in New Mexico as well.  There are plenty of psychics, healers, spiritual organizations, eastern and western religious organizations be present in throughout New Mexico.

Earthfs Energy Center-Vortex of Intense Transformation

New Mexico as well as Arizona (Sedona) is the Earthfs energy center or vortex to assist humansf intense transformation by fire.  You will notice the power of Sun when you travel or live in Arizona and New Mexico.  Sun is fire.  The process of purification, death to old self and resurrection to new self (transformation) is done by fire.  It is an intense process.  That may explain why some people move in and out of Sedona and New Mexico in a short period of time.  Some people move to Arizona or New Mexico for a specific purpose; upon the completion of an initiation, people move onto to some other part of the world.

Energy Portals around Four Corner Area

Four Corner is where the state lines of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado cross.  On the map, Four Corner appears to be a cross.  There are many energy portals around Four Corner Area.  I encountered one in Mesa Verde in 2000.  This was a portal to and from Ancient Jerusalem at some other time and space.  If a person has a well-developed psycho-spiritual muscle, one can go through the energy portals, and journey to and from other dimensions or other time-space coordinates.

Anasazi People, Anasazi Spirit, Star-Born People

Anasazi People or Anasazi Spirit and many Japanese have deep soul-level connections.  For many Japanese, Anasazi Spirit isc our Home...  Anasazi Spirit called me and that is why I am living in Placitas where Anasazi People used to live hundreds years ago. 

It is a mystery where Anasazi people came from.  They lived around Chaco Canyon around 1000 AD. They lived throughout New Mexico - Salmon Ruins, Santa Fe, Placitas, Bandelierc  Anasazi People are said to be Star People or Star-Seeded people.  Some say they originally descended or came from some other star systems.   They had the advanced knowledge of astronomy.  The city they built at Chaco Canyon a thousand years ago, for example, is built based on the astronomical observation. 

Anasazi were Star Gazers, astronomers, astrologers and seers.  They had the gifts of prophecy and healing by sound and vibrations.  There is also a connection between Anasazi and Hathor (Cat people).  Through the energy portals, there have been frequent travels and communications among Anasazi, Hathor and other people from Egypt, Middle East and other star systems, especially in the ancient times.

Anasazi Spirit is a healing spirit.  They make us feel home.  They let us remember where we came from, let us remember our soul origin, let us restore the connection to the Universe, let us restore the connection to Divine, God, the Source of All Life.  When we feel our connection to Divine again, we are instantly healed.  We know we are not alone.  We know we are always surrounded by Divine Love.  We know our existence is eternal.  Anasazi Spirit is our guide, our friend and our eternal companion for our soul journeyc.

Santa Fe and Santa Fe Plaza Area

Santa Fe Plaza is built on the sacred ground.  Under Santa Fe Plaza, I see an underground courtyard, a sacred ground where the indigenous spirits gather and hold regular meetings even now.  Some spirits take etheric forms of Native American people.  These beings are the guardian spirits of the land surrounding Santa Fe Plaza. 

Near Santa Fe Plaza, you find St. Francis Cathedral and Loreto Chapel.  These are another sacred sites where you can feel the presence of the holy spirits such as Mother Mary (Divine Feminine), Jesus Christ (Christ Consciousness) and St. Francis of Assisi. 

Sandia Mountain and Sandia Man

Sandia Man is said to have lived around the Sandia Mountain around 10,000 – 25,000 BC.  There are Sandia Man caves in Placitas near my house.  Sandia Man caves are the mysterious places.  Symbolically speaking, a cave is an entry into deep conscious, portal into other dimensions, and a passageway into the underworld.  

People feel strange sensations around and in Sandia Man caves.  It feels like the electro-magnetic fields around the caves are skewed and twisted.  When I visited one of the caves, I felt my brain is squeezed and twisted.  I felt like going into other dimensions.  I felt the presence of the ancient spirits.  They have been here for eons of time.  Probably the caves have been used for the ceremonial and sacred purposes.  Many humans have had the initiations in these caves, traveling to and from the underworld, using the caves as portals to other dimensions and other power vortexes in the world such as Egypt, Peru and India.  The ancient spirits of Sandia Man is still very alive....    

Sandia Mountain is a powerful mountain.  It is a sacred mountain revered among Native (Indigenous) American people.  It is majestic and more than 11,000 feet (3300 meters) high.  If you want to aim the peak, there are trails to Sandia Peak.  It's about 6 - 8 hours hike ascending.  There is also a tramway.  You can ascend in 5 minutes if you prefer an easy way.


Placitas is an energy vortex, very healing, transforming and inspiring to the human spirit.   

Placitas is situated north of Sandia Mountain.  Placitas is where I live since 2001.  My house is built where an old Kiva (Native American ceremonial ground) was physically present 400 – 500 years back.  The Kiva is still present at the etheric level today.  Spirits gather and meet around the etheric Kiva from North, South, East and West.  From South is the spirits of Sandia Mountain and ancient Mexico (Mayans, Aztec..), from North is the spirits of Jemez mountains, from East is Santa Fe, from West is Cavezon Peak and Mount Taylor.  From four corners of the world, spirits come and gather. 

This is such a privileged and honor for me to live and care the celebrated ground.  Spirits also take care of me and are helping me go through deep healing to the core of my being.  

There is a river constructed by Anasazi people in Placitas where Anasazi Winery is today.  There is wine tasting on weekends at the winery.  You can also stop at Merc grocery store on highway 165 if you want to purchase the wine from Anasazi Winery.

Nature Spirits in Placitas:  There are many nature spirits in Placitas.  I take a walk to the open field as often as I can.  I usually take a walk with the nature spirits.  The nature spirits of Juniper trees, Pinon trees, wind, sky, cactus, wild flowers, earth - they are all very friendly and nurturing to human souls.

Cavezon Peak

A holy place related to the creation of the world.  Cavezon plays an important role in the Creation Myth of Indigenous-Native American people. 


Georgia O'Keefe lived in Ghost Ranch in Abiqiu.  

I see dinosaurs walking in Abiqiu clairvoyantly.  The ancient spirits (probably 300 million years or longer years old) are residing around the area.  These spirits appear to have arrived on Earth riding on the meteors from the outer space hundreds millions of years ago.  Some spirits appear to have taken the physical forms of dinosaurs.  Through our dinosaur brain (old brain), humans are able to access the ancient memories and remember how our consciousness originally arrived on Earth.

Rocky Mountain-Rio Grande River Channel

Along Rocky Mountain - Rio Grande River channel, many energy - healing vortexes exist.  

Energy vortex line includes Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Sangre Christo Mountain, Taos, Creston, Rocky Mountains, Chama...  There are still much unknown, mysterious energies along the channel.  That explains why so many religious and spiritual organizations are attracted to come along Rio Grande River-Rocky Mountain channel.  The area has a very strong Tibetan and Himalayan connection...  The presence of master teacher energies like Babaji is felt at times... 


A church is Chimayo is a sanctuary where Jesus Christ as a child is said to walk.  Many miracles are reported to have happened at the church.

Chimayo is another holy ground.  The place has been a holy ground for Indigenous American people before white people came to America.  Christian church was built on the Native Americanfs holy ground.  Christian energies (Mother Maryfs presence is very strong at Chimayo) and more ancient indigenous American spirits are peacefully co-existing at Chimayo today. 


There is a church where the image of Jesus Christ changes. 

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