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Horses and Orbs


Placitas New Mexico





 2011 - 2013



Kimie Goto


Conscious Channel

Spiritual Counselor and Healer


Placitas New Mexico





September 2nd 2013
































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October 2011



Placitas is a place of many orbs.


When the wild horses are around, there are even more orbs around.


Orbs are the beings of light.


Orbs love the horses.


Horses love the orbs.


Indeed the horses love everyone everything.


Orbs, the beings of light love everyone everything.


Orbs and horses are the friends.


Actually they are the same thing.


They are a some kind of the messengers.


The messengers of light.


They work for the Universe, Nature and Earth.


When the humans serve the Universe, Nature and Earth, the humans become the friends to the orbs and horses.


Our consciousness synchronize. 


We vibrate together and create the harmony.


The harmony will reach throughout the glove -  throughout the Universe.


Our consciousness reach through the Earth and Universe.


It may appear the individual existence is little - a drop in the vast ocean.


Indeed the individual consciousness is infinite.


Our each and individual consciousness is infinite.


We all have the infinite reach - infinite power by consciousness.


Working together with orbs, horses, nature, Earth, light and Universe, our consciousness (our energy) will reach out to the end of the world, time and the Universe.




The horses in Placitas appear to be on a mission, possibly designated by Earth and Universe.


It is possible the horses are working in connection with the climate change - the health of Earth.


There is an ongoing debate over the presence of the horses in Placitas.


Some want to eliminate them by relocating and slaughtering them.


Placitas may not be able to support more than 100 horses.  We simply may not have the grasses for more than 100 horses.


But we strongly disagree to the opinion that we will completely wipe out the existence of the horses from this village.


Horses and Orbs are on the mission.


Humans may not understand the exact scopes of their project designated by Light, Earth and Universe.


But many people have intuition that keeping the adequate number of horses in Placitas is important.


Yes, having the horses in Placitas is important.


Yes, the presence of the orbs in this village is important.


Many people feel love and something special about them.


Many people feel drawn to the horses.


Many people are drawn to Placitas, a place of many orbs, the beings of light, the messengers of light - the Universe and Earth.


With orbs, horses and abundant nature, people are healed.


People's hearts spontaneously open.


Heart opens.


Out true self appears from deep inside heart (soul).


Spontaneous healing happens by the grace of Nature Mother Earth, Light and Universe.


Orbs and Horses are the messengers and carrying out the important work for the spontaneous healing happening on humans' psyche and Earth.


We all know we are facing the daunting challenge by climate change on Earth.


What if the orbs and horses are the beings sent by the Light the Universe to deal with the Earth's Crisis - Climate Change?


Just because the horses does help the economic development of Placitas and Sandoval County (Wind Power, Uranium Mining, Highway and Housing Development...), we should not conclude that the horses have no power - no benefits.


They may appear they do not help the humans' pursuit of the accumulatiton of monetary wealth.


The horses and orbs are helping to preserve the Earth and inherit the Earth to the future generations - co-habitable and wealthier to all living forms on the planet Earth.


We shall remember the humans are part of the Earth.


The humans do not rule the Earth.


We humans are just part of this beautiful Earth.


Working with orbs, horses, many living forms, natural environment and resources, humans have the responsibility to preserve the Earth and inherit it to the Future Humans and all lives.


Many of us made an oath to Mithra-like existence before this birth.


We shall work with the Universe (Mitha-like cosmic presence) to preserve the Earth.







Placitas is one of the places the orbs and horses are working among us for the betterment of the Earth and Universe.


Let us humans choose to keep the adequate number of horses in this village.


As many humans are the beings of light and serving the betterment of Earth and Universe, so are orbs and horses.


We are the buddies.


We are the colleagues.


We are the partners.





Their presence itself is a messenger or the messages.


Love, acceptance, trust in Nature.


Being social, friendly and kind.


When they are hungry and suffering, we know because of their body size.


What do we do when we see others are hungry and suffering? 


Do we simply capture them and relocate or kill them?  Can we come up with the solutions good for the horses, humans and Nature?


What do we do when we see others suffer regardless of the species?


When there are many birth defects, we know their environment is not right.  Humans feed the wild horses, then they are attached to one area.  Because of the close intercourses, there are more birth defects.  They are made to move freely.  Feeding them and keeping them at one place is not right for the free horses.


Through them, through the horses' presence, we learn a lot.  They are the messengers.  They are the teachers.


Their presence itself is the messages.





Namaste Peace Love






Kimie Goto


Soul & Akashic Record Reading

Spiritual Counseling and Healing

Conscious Channel and Meditation


Ordained Minister

MBA  Stanford Graduate School of Business

BS-Mathematics  Nagoya University Japan



Placitas New Mexico Japan


Email:  harmonion@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.harmonion.com  





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