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Space Rodents - Space Mammals


Existence, Healing, Communications, Companionship


 September 19 -20 , 2008


Kimie Goto






There has been healing, communication and companionship with the energetic creatures recently.


They are the energetic beings.

They appear  like giant hamsters and dolphins.


For convenience and  communication purpose, I shall call them "Space Rodents" and "Space Mammals".


They are huge.

Not scary at all.

Lovely creatures.

Their size indicates the size of love.

They have infinite love.

They are all love.


They comfort our souls.

There are our soul companions.

More so at the time of trials and fear.


They are communicating to us from the energetic realms.


Our hearts are being healed through these energy exchanges in full of love, infinite love.


Om, Shanti, Namaste.




Imagine no fear.

Imagine no anxiety.

Wipe away the fear and anxiety from your mind.


Vision is much more clear now.

Mind is much more calmer.


Mind wobbles.

When mind wobbles and fluctuates, 

that is the time when we learn to stay focused, to stay centered.


See what are the most important things to do and achieve in this life time.

See your dharma, your truth.


See what you can do today to achieve these goals or purpose of life.

Do not wobble with fears.

See what you can do today.


Knowledge, actions and experiences.

Wisdom, confidence and trust will birth from knowledge, actions and experiences.


Keep motions (actions) based on meditation or consciousness channel.

Meditation and conscious channel is conscious living.


Through conscious living, you are in harmony with Divine. 

You are one with the Guidance, Protection and Companionship with the Universes, Mother Earth, Spirits and all kind of the energetic life forms (entities).


Remember we co-create the futures.

There is no fixed future.

There is no such a thing like a fixed destiny.

We only have the general direction and general guidance.


There are many options, scenarios and choices we can make together.

We co-create the futures.


That is why there are so many people and beings are working hard now together to co-create the futures with hope and prosperity for our future generations.


Capitalism or free market will transform.

US will lead the way.

Let us help one another to bring the spirits of the free nation into the next step.

We want to keep the free and independent nation on the Planet based on compassion and responsibility.


Keep the balance of energies.

Keep the balance of cash inflow and outflow, for example.

Energy exchange of in and out has to be balanced.

You can begin bringing the balance of energy inflow and outflow from your personal level.


Energy flow has been too much yang (e.g. overspending, expanding, greed....).

Contraction is inevitable to bring the balance of yin and yang.

However, contraction does not mean freezing.

Contraction does not mean paralysis.


Keep on moving.

Keep the steps of life's dance.

General trend is contraction.

Following the general trend of contraction, ponder what you really want to do.

Prioritize and focus on spending your time, energies, money and all resources on the top priority projects of life.


Visualize your dharma (truth, purpose of life, your life mission) now.


Stay the course of dharma (truth).


Be deep rooted to the core of your soul.

Be centered.

Be grounded.


Stay the course.


Om, Shanti, Namaste.


Written/Channeled by:

Kimie Goto

後藤王重 ごとうきみえ

Spiritual Counselor & Healer

Conscious Channel, Reiki Master-Teacher

Meditation Teacher-Coach.

Western and Vedic Astrologer

Placitas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Email:  kimiegoto@msn.comharmonion@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.harmonion.com/


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