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    Spring Equinox Full Moon  

One with Light  Meditation


at Cathedral Rock in Sedona 

from 6am on March 20 2011


A Gathering of

Prayer and Meditation for

Direct Dialogue

Direct Communion with 

Divine Light 

One Light 

One Source






Please Join the gathering and the moment of the recognition. 


Email harmonion@gmail.com


Kimie Goto



Spiritual Counselor & Healer


Placitas  New Mexico





This is a photo taken  by Mariko at Cathedral Rock at sunrise on the Fall Equinox Day in 2010.   


Beautiful Light 

Beautiful Light Orbs 

Beautiful Light Beings


They are alive.

They are working hard for Divine.


They may be invisible but

they are always with us.


We are surrounded and supported by the light beings.


We are never alone.

We never work alone.


We are always helped and guided by Light, Divine, Stars, Universes, the Planet, Nature, Animal ... 


All Creations are with us.


All Creations are One Creation

One with Us.





Our consciousness is shifting.   We are connecting deeper and directly to Divine, Earth, Stars and Universes.


We all look forward to seeing you in the Emerald Place (Emerald Palace, i.e. Cathedral Rock) in Sedona where the light (emerald) beings reside and gather from all around the physical worlds and energetic dimensions.


The consciousness continues changing and shifting.  Let us gather and meditate.  Let us celebrate the gathering of the souls of the like purpose.  Let us connect directly to Divine and Light.  



Let us gather and ask Divine -


What can we do best ?




individually and collectively  


to help and heal ourselves first


to enjoy life

to love life

to love self

to love one another



Help us transcend - go beyond all the above


Help us know unknowable

Help us reach unreachable


Help us be Infinite Eternal

as You are Infinite Eternal







Dear Divine, God, One Light


Help us deeply understand 

the uniqueness of each individual humans

and each individual creatures.


Help us recognize and use the unique gifts

You have parted to us.


Help us help others help themselves.


Allow us to serve the Universes .


Allow us to serve the beautiful Planet Earth.


Allow us to serve the welfare of all creations

in the physical worlds on the Planet Earth

and in the energetic dimensions

in the Universes.


Help us..


Heal us...


Allow us...


to retrieve and use the Power

we inherited from You, One Light

The Source of All Creations.


Allow us to be Your arms and legs

Allow us to help implement Your Plan Your Will

on the Planet Earth and other dimensions.


Let our consciousness be one with Yours.

Let our consciousness synchronize with Yours



Let us be joyful when You are joyful.

Let us be strong to weep when you weep.


There are much sorrow in this world.

Our heart break with sorrow.

There are times we can only weep.


You also weep seeing the hardship on the Planet

of the Planet, of your creations.


From Deep Sorrow

From the Deepest Despair

at the Darkest Night of Soul


Rise Compassion

Rise Wisdom


Rise Eternity

Rise Infinity






Help us be strong to weep

remain strong in the deepest sorrow

remain still in the turbulent times


until compassion rises

deep from soul

from the deepest core inside us

from the deepest corner of the Universes


We hear the voice

directly from You


the One

One Light

One Creator




I AM Here






The One, the Dearest - 


Thank you for listening and answering

to our dialogue..



Namaste Gassho





Jyoti - Light Love Joy

Om, Shanti, Namaste



Direction to the meditation place


There is one parking space at Cathedral Rock in Sedona.  We can meet at the parking space a little before 6 am on 3/20/2011.


To the meditation place, follow the trail from the parking space.  In 3 minutes of walk or so, you will arrive at an open flat space.  This is where we will meditate.   You may want to bring the blankets or cushions to sit on.


We look forward to seeing you!


Kimie Goto

Conscious Channel

Spiritual Counselor and Healer

Placitas  New Mexico


Written and Channeled by:  

Kimie Goto

Soul Reading,  Akashic Record Reading

Spiritual Counseling & Healing

Conscious Channel, Meditation, Reiki

Western, Vedic & Mayan Astrology

Ordained Minister

MBA, BS-Mathematics


Placitas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Email:  harmonion@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.harmonion.com  


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