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Mayan Calendar - New Time is Beginning


Miroku - Maitreya Consciousness


On 12-22-2012 New Time is said to begin in Mayan Calendar.


Or how we perceive time is already changing.


How we perceive the human consciousness and existence is rapidly changing.


2008 - 2012  appears to be the time of the core- deep transformation.


We are all being prepared to play a role of a divine channel.


Each individual has unique gifts, shall play a unique role and has a unique place.


Refine the vibrations-consciousness and answer to the call from Divine.



Miroku (Maitreya), Koryu Temple of Hata People, Uzumasa, Kyoto.

Hata People may be Jewish-decent and Moon People.



 Mayan Calendar


September 11 , 2008


Kimie Goto


Outer planets move into new signs between now (9/2008) through December 2012.


Pluto enters Capricorn late 2008 to early 2009.

Uranus enters Aries in 2011.

Neptune enters Pisces in December 2012.


Pluto in Capricorn.

Capricorn's ruling planet is Saturn.

Saturn is Sanat Kumara, the Governor energy of Planet Earth Tara.

Pluto is said to be the higher vibration or higher consciousness of Saturn.


Pluto in Capricorn may signify the deeper or core transformation at all levels - at personal, social and planetary consciousness.


Planet Earth Tara's consciousness will go through the core - deep transformation.

Human souls will go through the deep - core transformation.


Some people are saying 2008 - 2012 signifies Ascension at the personal, social and Earth level.


Ascension's definition varies.

One definition of Ascension is, for example, the balance of Spirit (Energy) and Matter.


More human souls will realize the better or optimum balance of spirituality and materiality of one's body, emotion, mind and spirit.


For those of us who shall stay longer in the Planet Tara, the balance of spiritual health and material health (physical, emotional and mental health) may be necesary.


Uranus enters Aries in 2011.

Change of consciousness.

New beginning.

Time to develop more healthy ego boundary.


We need the healthy ego boundary in order to attain unity (all connected feeling).

We maintain the healthy individual consciousness.

Attaining the healthy individual consciousness (Uranus in Aries), our consciousness will be prepared for the time of Neptune entering Pisces in December 2012.


Toward and around December 2012, more humans will have the balance between keeping the individual consciousness (Uranus in Aries) and unity (compassion, connected feeling, oneness).   Our consciousness will be prepared to be unified based on compassion, cosmic ocean-like love.


Neptune enters Pisces in December 2012.

Neptune's energy is like Cosmic Ocean, Primordial Ocean.

Neptune is Maitreya (Miroku) - Bodhisattva Consciousnesses of Compassion.


Dalai Lama may be one human embodiment of MIroku - Maitreya Consciousness.

More and more humans will get closer to Maitreya-like consciousness, Cosmic Ocean-like Love.


Our consciousness will synchronize more intimately with the Primordial Ocean Consciousness of Love.


We are Ocean Love.

We are the embodiment of Compassion.

We agree to disagree.

We accept who we are.

We respect our differences and uniqueness.

We shall learn to co-exist with peace and harmony.


Time of Unity Consciousness.

More people will access the Zero Field of the Universe.

More people will access the Akashic Field, the Unity Field of the Universe.


More people will have the natural super-natural powers like vision, telepathy, intuition, empathy and healing touch.


More people will freely see the past, present and future.

Knowing the past and future selves, more people will live in the present moments in the present life time in one integrated body with the infinite past, present and future selves, the infinite past, present and future history.


We will communicate freely with the ancestor spirits, future-ancestor spirits, Spirit, God, energetic life forms, guides, teachers and other indivisible-non-physical life forms.


Higher selves are no longer higher selves.

Higher selves are one with today's "I AM" Self.


I am just My Self, one integrated, unified entity.

In this unified entity called "Who I AM", there are many selves from past, present and future, from across the Universes.


"I AM" a multi-dimensional being.






December 22, 2012 is the beginning of a new Mayan Calendar, the beginning of New Age, New Time.


Do not limit yourself into those timeline.

Change or transformation is already happening as you already realize.

Some human souls will go ahead of time.

So that we can assist one another.

So that we can share information, knowledge, experiences, yes, wisdom.


We need those souls who take initiatives to go on the frontier of the human consciousness.

Go ahead and realize what you can realize.

Share what you will see and experience with others.

We will attract one another as our consciousness synchronize one another.


Like-consciousness will attract the like-consciousness.

Like-consciousness will vibrate together and create the harmony vibrations.


Be brave.

Work has to be done by oneself.

No one will do it for you.

You, only you, take the initiatives for yourself. 

You, only you, are in charge.


Do not fear.

We (the invisible entities throughout the Universes) are with you.

Money will come.

Confidence will come.

Faith will come.

As long as you do your own shares.


You are not alone.

Universes, God, Divine, Spirits, Guides and Teachers (whatever you want to call the Guiding Energy from the Universes) are with you, guide you, protect you and love you.


Invisible Existence (invisible supporters and encouragers) is always with you.

Just stay tuned.


The reward or benefits?

Your soul growth.

Healing, learning and growth at the core - deep soul levels.

You will realize the more moments in one with Spirit, God, Planet and Universes.


You will be wealthy spiritually and materially.

Some of us will be granted the extension of time (Longevity longer than the originally planned for this life time).

Extension of Time may be granted for those of us who have the Work to do (on behalf of God, the Universes, Tara the Planet Consciousness).


Do not limit yourself in any way.

Be open, be open, be open.

Be open to infinity  無限 ∞.


You are alone and you are not alone.


There are the moments of sharing, encouragement, support and love with others, invisible life forms, Planet Tara, Universes and probably much more....


Let go, let God.


Om, Shanti, Namaste.

Written/Channeled by:

Kimie Goto

後藤王重 ごとうきみえ

Spiritual Counselor & Healer

Conscious Channel, Reiki Master-Teacher

Meditation Teacher-Coach.

Western and Vedic Astrologer

Placitas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Email:  kimiegoto@msn.comharmonion@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.harmonion.com/


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