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Maitreya Consciousness


Leap of Faith



Maitreya is equivalent to Miroku Bodhisattva, Mithra, Mitra



 March  1, 2011


Kimie Goto

a Channel, Counselor and Healer

Placitas Albuquerque Santa Fe New Mexico

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Maitreya - Miroku Bodhisattva

Koryu-ji Kyoto Japan



Sanskrit Yu

Symbol of Maitreya - Miroku



Mithra holding the cosmic sphere



Mithra outside the Universe



Leap of Faith - quoted from Wikipedia


A leap of faith is the act of believing in or accepting something intangible or unprovable, or without empirical evidence. 


Leap is made by faith.


Leap signifies a change from one quality to another.


A transition from one quality to another can take place only by a leap.


When the transition happens, one moves directly from one state to the other, never possessing both qualities.


Faith is a gift from God.  The highest moral position is reached when a person realizes this and, no longer depending upon her or himself, takes the leap of faith into the arms of a loving God (the One Existence - Source, Creator)


Leap of faith appears to be taking place.  


A change is taking place.


So called Maitreya Consciousness may be forming inside me, us, in the human consciousness.  It is unknown but we have no choice but allow whatever that is to take a form.


Maitreya is equivalent to Miroku, Mithra and Mitra.


Mithra means "to bind", "covenant" and "oath".


A human soul re-incarnates with Mithra - "what is to bind Self to Divine".  We each carry "oath" we promised to remember and fulfill with Divine (God, the One).  We carry the blue print - map in our DNA, in our  soul.


Mithra - Mitra - Maitreya - Miroku Consciousness is awakening from inside us.  Greater power is guiding our soul to remember "the oath" (Mithra - promise, life mission, soul purpose).


Life becomes unknown.  Daily lives become important because we have to deal with anxiety, the fear of unknown.


Spring is coming.  So get Self busy with taking care of the house, for example.  Cleaning the house and being prepared for painting.  Doing the tasks we have postponed for a while.  


While a transition happens from one quality to another, it might take some time for Self to realize the change.  We can not allow the anxiety to consume our soul.  It is our responsibility to keep our soul be positive and face toward Light, especially when it is dark outside.  


We learn to become our own light.  


We bear our own torch of light, the torch of hope.


Vision of February 24, 2011.


I was jumping sky high, so high I could see the mountains from high above.  If I land on the other side of the mountains, I felt I wouldn't be able to find the way.  So I landed on the same side of the mountains and continued the drive.  


It is possible the other side of the mountains is the other worlds.  So, I would have made a choice to come back to this world by landing on this side of the mountains.


I landed on a highway.  I was moving at the speed of a car on a highway.  No walking speed.  Our consciousness is moving fast at the speed of a car on highway.   My right hand was touching the ground and paddling.  I was using the arms and hands to accelerate the speed of the movement.


A day before, I was at a church-like place.  I have put the signs on the floor.  A church may be a symbol of an inner sacred place.  The church and sings on the floor were always inside me.  Just now, my ego may be becoming aware of the existence.  


What signs did I put on the floor of the sacred place?


What am I remembering NOW?


What are arising from the inner sanctuary?


The signs could be Maitreya (Miroku, Mithra, Mitra).


My own Maitreya Consciousness (Miroku, Mithra, Mitra Consciousness) may be rising deep from inside.


I am remembering "The Oath" - "My Own Mithra" - what is to bind myself to Divine- I made with Divine before I came to this world.  I am remembering it and I am taking the actions to realize It in this life time.


A friend passed away two years ago.  I went to her house in Santa Fe to communicate with her spirit after 3 days.  She communicated from the other side "I should have practiced my art more.  I had many reasons not to practice art.  In fact, I was afraid of exploring it.  What if I do not have a gift?  I was afraid of being disappointed..."  


Let us have courage to face ourselves.  When we are disappointed and discouraged, so be it.  There is a time of joy and empowerment, and there is a time of disappointment, sorrow and discouragement.   It is life..  Life comes in cycle - spiral circular motions.


We would like to know our own Mithra (the covenant we promised to do with God - Divine).  We like to know the Life Contract - Life Plan.  We like to explore It and we like to realize It! before we run out of time NOW.


Maitreya, Miroku, Mithra, Mitra is "Oath", "Covenant", "What is to bind Self to God (Divine, the One)".  We all contain Miroku - Maitreya - Mithra - Mitra.  We are becoming aware of the promise (soul purpose, mission, the map, the blue print) we imprinted in our DNA. 


We are remembering the map - the blue print so that we en-act the map - the blue print.  As we see the map - the blue print, we can develop the strategy and action plan.   So that we can act and manifest the Plan in this world in this life time.


A transition - a change from one quality to another is unknown.  We have much anxiety - fear of unknown inside us.  Ego is fearful.  Ego doesn't like unknown or feeling unsure, feeling insecure.


Yet we move forward - take a leap of faith, going into unknown.  I (ego) no longer guides us.  Ego surrenders to Soul or Greater Power.  Greater Power (Greater Self) will guide us.  Ego has to learn to trust the Plan and forebear.  Have faith and courage to manifest the Plan.  Be in charge.


Miroku - Maitreya - Mithra - Mitra has always been with us.  We might have forgotten as they are invisible or un-provable.  There may be no evidence that they exist.


We draw the mighty sword of Michael upon inside us.  The sword of power, patience, trust, love, positive fighting spirit and wisdom.  We boldly face the wind of a transition and forebear.  We gracefully dance with the wind of the transition.  We gracefully go with the flow - the current of the energies.   


We are strong and flexible and beautiful like a Light Willow Tree.  


We fight and serve Divine like the archangels do.  We abandon our ego in the complete surrender to serve Divine.   Namaste!



Michael - San Miguel Mission, Santa Fe New Mexico


Loretto Chapel St. Francis Basilica San Miguel Mission Santa Fe New Mexico 


Jyoti - Light Love Joy


Namaste - Gassho 



Kimie Goto

Channel, Counselor & Healer

Placitas  Albuquerque New Mexico


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Om, Shanti, Namaste

Kimie Goto

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Placitas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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