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Katakamuna and Crop Circle


Ancient or Cosmic Wisdom Codex (Coding System)?


Usui, Reiki


Ninti, "Lady of Life"


Ancient or Cosmic Wisdom may have been being decoded.


 September 17 - 18 , 2008

Kimie Goto





Japanese Ancient or Cosmic Wisdom Codex (Coding System)?




Crop Circle Systems or Symbology

Another Ancient Wisdom or Cosmic Wisdom Codex?



Mikao Usui Reiki Teaching

臼井甕男 霊気の秘法

Reiki is Spirit.

Reiki is Spiritual Medicine. 

Mikao means "Light Being".  

Usui taught 5 simple principles for fulfillment.

No anger.  

No worry. 

Be grateful.  

Work hard.  

Be kind.


Spiritual Medicine of the Universes has been working on us and the Planet.




Life creating energies of the Universe.



Katakamuna and Crop Circle

Both are in Fractal Design.

Fractal Geometry may be Sacred Geometry.


Through Fractal Geometry, Ancient or Cosmic Wisdom may be sinking directly into our soul - heart.


Through mathematics, ancient or cosmic wisdom may be communicating directly to our soul or consciousness, bypassing the analysis and interpretation of the limited capacity of today's brain and words.


Many may be crumbling into ashes.

Ninti, the energy of annihilation, may be working now.


What's inflated and bloated out of control will come to an end.


What's left may be little.

What's left may be the essential we truly need.

What we truly need may not be much anyway.


This is the time of focus.

Focus on doing what's most important in your life.


This is the time of no fear.

This is the time of re-commitment and focus.


Just re-commit yourself to your dharma (soul purpose) and just do it (karma - action).

No fear.

Trust and go on your path.

Continue to fulfill your dharma (life purpose).


This is the time of a trial.

We walk through the trial.

No denial.

No escape.

We just walk through the process called life.


In the time of a trial, many of us will remember and re-assure ourselves why we were born and what we have promised to do in the present life time with God or Divine Core Energies of the Universes.




Katakamuna-like ancient or cosmic wisdom appears to be communicating with us. 

It is Love.

Wounds may be deeper than our ego is willing to perceive.

Wounds will be exposed in order to be healed.


Pluto will enter Capricorn.

Ninti-like divine or cosmic energies may be working.

Through destruction, cleansing, healing and transformation will happen.

So, so be it.


Om, Shanti, Namaste.


Ninti =Nin.Ti is "Lady of Life"

Nin is Lady (Sumerian Cuneiform).

Ti is Rib (Life, Sumerian Cuneiform).


Ninti-like energy is working on the Planet.

"Lady of Life" is working with us.


Ninti was created by Ninhursag to heal Enki.


Ninhursag is an archetypal Mother of Life (Sumer, Anunnaki).

Anu = Heaven.

Ki = Earth, 7th Planet.  Earth (7) is a sacred planet.

Anunnaki = Beings who descended to Earth from Heaven. 天孫族。 天津神たち。


Enki is an archetypal Father, the Protector of Humanity.


Ninti is "Daughter of Life"-like being.


Ninhursag as Mother of Life and Enki as Father-Protector of Humankind are very powerful and resourceful beings-existence.  It is interesting to note they, all powerful and resourceful beings, cannot do all.  They needed Ninti, a daughter of life, a healer, a beloved being.


Ninti may be more adolescent.

But as an adolescent being, she has the unique contributions to make.


Ninti-like energy shall bring healing to us at the individual level and also to the Planet.


If you aspire to be like Ninti, a healer and/or a channel of divine energies, be one with Ninti-like energies.  Communicate with Ninti-like energies.


Universes are self-creating, self-healing.

Parts or molecules in the Universes re-arrange themselves to restore the order and harmony.


As above, so below.

The Planet, Humanity as a whole and each individual life will also re-arrange themselves to get rid of toxins and blockages (blocking karma - patterns and habits), cleanse self, eventually restore the order and harmony into life individually, collectively and onto the Planet.


We will resurrect.

We will re-invent ourselves again and again.


We have done it before.

We will do it again and again.


Even beyond Zero Point Field, as we go through it, there will be another world, another universe. Life, existence, continues.  Existence is consciousness.  Consciousness exists forever.  


Our consciousness  is relative.  We, humans, are the relative beings-existence.  Relative means we are related beings.  We are all-connected beings, like Internet.  Through our connected feelings (compassion), we relate to one another and create this world, this Planet in more harmonious place - world.  


Yes, we are relative beings.

Yet, we can be one with the Absolute Consciousness (God, the One who creates all) through spiritual and material disciplines and practices.  


We are resourceful, resilient and powerful, much more than our ego can perceive.


We are all parts or descendants of God or Divine Core of the Universes.


We are all Mikaboshi 甕星 (Shining Star).

Our consciousness is the Light from the Universe.


Om, Shanti, Namaste.



Rejuvenation Vision.


Rejuvenation is happening.


First, cleansing and purification.

Then, the restoration of power and balance.


The implication is that the depressed stock market will also rejuvenate itself after the cleansing and purification is done.


Fear, anxiety and panic will not help.

Be centered and stay focused.


Stay focused on the long-term visions and goals.

Stay focused on what you can do today toward realizing the purposes of this life time.


Today's one step, today pro-creative actions will lead us into pro-creative futures for all of us, the entire whole


Number is 19.

19 is Sun.

Number - energy of Solar Power.

Life-supporting energy of the solar system is pouring onto us and the Planet.


Rejuvenating energy is pouring onto all of us and the Planet from the Universes (Grand Central Sun, 大日の光)。


大光明 降り注ぐ。




Written/Channeled by:

Kimie Goto

後藤王重 ごとうきみえ

Spiritual Counselor & Healer

Conscious Channel, Reiki Master-Teacher

Meditation Teacher-Coach.

Western and Vedic Astrologer

Placitas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Email:  kimiegoto@msn.comharmonion@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.harmonion.com/


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