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Expanding into Free Consciousness


Many people are now going beyond or more inclusive of Human Consciousness.


Many of us are further proceeding into Free Consciousness (Supra Consciousness).


Many human souls are achieving "60" marks, fortifying Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Strength.  There is abundance here.  Abundance of resources.  Spirit of compassion, mutual-learning, sharing, joy and celebration.  There are many souls-spirits in this achievement, in this space.  There is a beautiful angel-like being ushering-guiding us into this celebrative cosmic banquet space.  Have you been invited to the celebration?






 August 24 - 26, 2008


Kimie Goto


    Meditation (or Conscious Channel) is the basic practice of life.

    Meditation or silent reflections are the fundamental practice for those of us who want to raise the vibrations or finesse of our consciousness (awareness).


    Buddha means "Awakened Being".

    Many of us are living with sleeping consciousness.

    Let up wake up or let us be more awakened. 


    Benefits of having the finesse of vibrations or consciousness?

    You will attract people, animal and things with more sophisticated vibrations as your vibrations become more sophisticated.

    You will have increased ability to see people or things into their core truth.

    You will have more sophisticated intuitions, psychic and spiritual senses beyond 5 senses.

    You will develop the six, seventh, eighth senses and so on.




    We all have the wounded psyche, more or less.

    Those wounded feeling.


    Do you know Chiron, the wounded healer?

    Chiron, a centaur, could not heal the wounds.

    One day, he went into forest.

    His soul opened up.

    He was healed by Spirit or some Divine Forces.


    Those of us who carry the wounded psyche can be on Chiron's healing journey.

    When our ego's efforts to heal fail (produce little effect), when nothing works, when life falls apart, it can be blessing in disguise.


   That may be how we learn to surrender and open up to Soul.

   Our ego breaks the ground into soul.

   Our ego restores the direct connection to soul, once again.

   Then, our soul restores the direct connection to Spirit.


    Spirit will gradually deepen its reach into the Core of the Universe, God Consciousness, Christ Consciousness or whatever you want to call Sat-Chit-Ananda, Absolute Reality-Truth-Presence, Chi and Bliss-Absolute Love-Divine Compassion at the Core of the all Universes.


    It is a gradual process.

    In the process of consciousness expansion, we will break free from all kinds of limitations we learned to impose on ourselves.   We will break free from age, nationality, culture, language and so on...

    We will proceed to become a free being.

    We will expand our consciousness into Free Consciousness (Sat - Absolute Truth, Reality and Existence).


    Some of us are obtaining New Key.

    Old Key is becoming obsolete.  


     Obtaining New Key can mean many things.

     New or renewed interests, inspirations.

     Meeting with new teachers.

     Learning or re-learning new skills.


     Often times, learning the new skills means re-learning the old skills you have already learned in the so-called past lives.  You may simply want to re-learn them in order to restore or remember what's already in your soul memory.  Learning will be quick because you soul (heart) already knows what you are going to learn.


     Move on.

     Progress deeper and wider into Free Consciousness (God Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness).  


     Aim high.

     Aim high even to go beyond Human Consciousness.

     Sri Aurobindo called it Supra-Consciousness.

     Since we are humans in human consciousness, most of us have no clues what is like going beyond human consciousness.  It is OK to admit we don't know.  We don't know (yet) what is Free Consciousness (God Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness).  Let us feel comfortable we are with this unknowable presence called God, Goddess, Universe, Spirit and so on.


    Knowing we don't know much, we still strive into this unknown Free Consciousness.

    It feels exciting.

    For some of us, the Mission or the Work we accepted before the present life time is to be an explorer of consciousness.  Our mission or work is to explore by the power of our own consciousness into the unknown field of Divine Consciousness that so few of us have reached.


    Few yogis and mystics have been there, of course.

    Our human consciousness is expanding rapidly.

    The time is now for more and more humans to expand our consciousness into Free Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness.


     The time is now.

     Every moment is meditation.

     Every moment is reflection.

     Every moment is conscious channel.


    We live every moment consciously channeling the energies from Divine, Spirit, Universe and Mother.


     We can begin the process by going beyond those self-imposed limitations such as language, gender, cultural, national and religious differences.


     Unity Consciousness.

     We are all connected.


     Universe or God looks like this Unity Field.

     It appears at this Unity Field everything is connected, unified and harmonized (balanced).

     Complete peace.

     Complete bliss - love.


    Each life or each being has unique vibrations (unique energy signature).

    Each life or each being is different and yet we are all connected, exist in harmony.

    We all understand, respect the uniqueness or the difference of our energy signatures one another.

    We accept and love one another.

    Love means both gentle love and tough love.

    We all know it takes strength to truly love.


     Meditate and consciously channel.

     Enjoy the moments of Truth, Truth-Realization.

     Enjoy your existence at the Unity Field.


    Notice or be aware you are always in this Absolute Reality with this Absolute Existence (God, Creator, Mother), surrounded by Absolute Love-Absolute Acceptance.


     Progress into Free Consciousness.


     Obtain New Key.


     New life or renewed way of life will be revealed.


     September will be an interesting month.

     Many of you will be busy.

     There will the accelerations or progress of your work and activities.


     For those of you consciously on the Life Mission (Dharma Path), you will be grateful you endured the moments of the tests you have walked through since June.   You will received Gifts from Divine.




     A Vision of Soft Landing.


     I had a vision or waking awareness of a soft landing.

     I had the gentlest landing into the physical body, physical realm.


     It appears a gentle closure to an issue is coming ahead.

     It could be an gentle closure to a life-death situation.


     For those of us who have been facing the life-death situations to oneself or to the love ones, we may experience the moments of divine grace, divine healing, divine truth soon, probably within 2 months or so.


     No fear.

     No worry or anxiety.



     It will be the gentlest closure to the issue(s) you have been working on boldly in the past two years or so.  You won the gentle closure, because you have worked so hard.  You have faced boldly to deal with the issue(s) especially in the past 24 months.


     You efforts have attracted the attention from the Divine Realms.  Your sincere approach to deal with the issues attracted the Divine Resources such as Lavender Quan Yin type of Cosmic Energy.  Quan Yin can be described as Divine Mother, Compassion of the Universes.  


     Take deep breaths.

     Meditation deeper.

     Consciously channel deeper from the deepest core of the Universes.






     Written/Channeled by:

     Kimie Goto

     Spiritual Counselor & Healer

     Conscious Channel, Reiki Master-Teacher

     Meditation Teacher-Coach.

     Western and Vedic Astrologer

     Placitas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

     Email:  kimiegoto@msn.comharmonion@gmail.com

   Website:  http://www.harmonion.com/


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