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Breath from the Universes into Body


Different Vibrations - Different Consciousness


 March 3, 2009


Kimie Goto


Breath from the Universes

Different Vibrations breathed into our body and consciousness


Some thing - some entity - came in mid February to me.

IT breathed long and strong breath through my neck into my body.

My body felt the strong force coming throughout the body.

My whole body vibrated.


This may be happening to many people.

Some Greater Forces of the Universes are breathing different vibrations - different consciousness (awareness, perceptions) into our bodies.

Our bodies are vibrating at different vibratory levels.


Our consciousness will vibrate at the different levels.

Our consciousness (awareness, perception) will change.


Different skills, knowledge and power may appear in 3 months or so.


December appears to be the best month in 2009.

Some major shift appears to occur in May in 2009.


You might have just received the different vibrations in mid February.

For the next 2 - 3 months, you may want to be especially forgiving to your self.

Allow yourself some time to get used to the different vibrations (different consciousness or perception) you just received from the Universes or the Energetics.


As May comes, you may become aware new (re-discovered, different) skills, knowledge and power.


Stay tuned to yourself, your heart.


Your heart (your soul) knows what's happening.

Your ego may have no clues what's going on in yourself.


You are having a better wiring (connection) to your Greater Self.


Change of vibrations will bring the change of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and creative vibrations.


Be aware of the change of your dietary needs, physical body, mind, emotions and spirit.


Follow your body and heart.

Your diet can change dramatically.

You may sustain your health with less amount of food.

Your diet composite may change.

Trust the body.

Follow the body.


Body knows.


Your ability will shift.

You will be able to do much deeper and faster.

You will be freer and more creative.


Your spiritual and psychic gifts may be renewed or re-discovered.


Your Greater Self have deep and wide resources.

As you have a better wiring (connection) to the Greater Self, you will be able to tap into the Greater Resources which are always present.

You just have forgotten they are there.

You are going to remember their existence and you will be able to use them again.


You will flow with the energies of the Planet, Energetics and Universes with much more ease.


You will be able to trust and follow the guidance from your Greater Self, the Planet, Universes and Energetics with much more ease.


With trust.

With surrender to own Divine Self.

With much less fear.

With much less anger, frustration and resentment.


Different guidance energies and Energetics are coming in to the Planet and into our consciousness.


They do not have forms such as color, image or names.

They are closer to the pure light.


Be open.

Do not over-interpret or over-analyze.

Do not limit yourself into the naming convention, images or any forms.


The different guidance (the different Energetics) are beyond the forms.

There are mostly invisible (light, pure consciousness).

They are sophisticated beings.


You will need a different or more sophisticated consciousness in order to communicate with the (incoming) different guidance or different Energetic.

You will need a different telepathic or intuitive skills.


Our consciousness will be much closer to the pure light (pure consciousness).

We will become much closer and purer existence to God, the Divine Source of all physical and energetic creations.


How exciting!

How joyous!



There are much fear in the world nowadays.

Some energetics and people do not want us to have different vibrations.

Some energetics and people do not want the change of consciousness.


So they use the fear and anger tactics.

They know how to work directly into our survival instinct (escape or fight).

So fight.

Do not escape.

Be strong.


Arise! as a fearless warrior!

Do not succumb to the fear and anger tactics.

Choose to be wise.


Inform yourself.

Educate yourself.


As so called Christ Consciousness is said to have said,

Truth shall set us free (from everything, every energies including fear and anger).


We are all shamans.

We are all warriors, wise teachers, time-dimensional travelers and healers if we look within and as we remember the soul origin and lineage.


If the situations are fearful and frustrating, do something about them.

Take actions.

Do your best to solve the problems.

As you do your best, Divine or Universes will help you.

Divine or the Universes will send the help and helpers around you.


They promise to send the help and helpers around for those of us on the Path, doing the Work for Divine, Universes and Energetics and doing as best as we can to help, heal, learn and guide ourselves by ourselves.


Freedom, independence, self-reliance and sense of responsibility are all important.


Do as best as you can.

Then surrender.

Trust, follow and flow with Time, the Planet, Universes and Energetics.


As long as you are doing your shares and best, you are not left alone.

Divine and human helps are always existent.

Be open to accept the help when you need help.

Be humble to admit you need help when you need help.


Some practical advise for the immediate goal,

"Aim to be cash flow break-even or better every month".

This is simple and often hard to do.

Cash flow is one example of energy exchange with the worlds.

As you are cash flow break-even or better, your energy exchange with the worlds is break-even or better.


You may want to set the clear intent,

"I will be cash flow break-even or better every month and I will do my best to achieve the goal every month."


You will find yourself more confident, more in charge, less helpless and less out of control.


The words from Master Usui of Reiki

Just for today

Do not anger

Do not fear

Be grateful

Do your Work

Be kind to others


Om, Shanti, Namaste

Written and Channeled by:  

Kimie Goto

後藤王重  ごとうきみえ

Soul and Akashic Record Reading

Soul Reading,  Akashic Record Reading

Spiritual Counseling & Healing

Conscious Channel, Meditation, Reiki

Western, Vedic & Mayan Astrology

Numerology, Tarot, Oracle

MBA, BS-Mathematics


Placitas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Email:  kimiegoto@msn.comharmonion@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.harmonion.com  


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