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Meditation and Touch of Light Namaste   Kimie Goto 



Tuning to the Universe


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Sun-Light Healing in Placitas New Mexico



Touch of Light


Sun is the healer.

Sun light will heal.


Eye is the window of soul


Meditation is the food for soul.


Chakra Balancing - Alignment

Chakra - Energy Unblocking

Open Chakra.


Reawakening of Creative Power.


Attunement  - Tuning to the Universe, Light, Earth, Nature and Soul.


Restore the power of Cosmic Healing.


Restore the power of Natural (Spontaneous) Healing.


Balanced - Conscious Eating - Carb, Protein, Fat, Vitamin, Minerals, Enzyme, Probiotics, Phitochemicals


Detox - Freedom from Sugar, Caffeine, Food Addiction.


Life attuned to the natural - cosmic cycle.


Yoga - Unity with the cosmic five elements - fire, earth, water, air and spirit


Breath in the morning sun - light.  Receive the nutrients and healing from Sun - light.


Freedom from resentment regret (past)depression and anxiety (future). 


Focus - stay in the present moment.


Amida-sama 3 Day Course


Place - Placitas New Mexico

Outside when sun is present.


Sun - Light will do the healing.


Fee - Donation.


Time - 8 am

It will be 30 minutes - 1 hour.


Morning sun will do the work.


Please email me your name and how you want to be helped by the Universe, Light, Earth, Nature and Soul to harmonion@gmail.com


I also do the distant healing, prayer and meditation.  Please let me if I can be of your assistance.


Kimie Goto

 Channel Spiritual Counselor and Healer

 Placitas New Mexico USA


Motosu Gifu Japan - Millennium Sakura (Cherry blossom Tree)


Placitas is 40 minutes from Albuquerque

1 hour from Santa Fe, 2 hours from Holy Chimayo New Mexico.


Email:  harmonion@gmail.com

WEB  www.harmonion.com

Japanese  www.harmonion.com/japanese.html


Namaste Om






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